Adrian's - Cars that I have owned  #1
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2014 Volvo XC60 2.0l D4 diesel
auto leased from new April 2014
to April 2017.  Very nice car
however it was also very bland.  
The wheels corrode if you park
next to a puddle.
2012 Volvo C70 2.4l diesel auto
bought this car to replace my
Merc. It caught fire in 2013 due to
an Automatic gearbox fault. Total
2009 Mercedes C220 CDi auto. I
bought this 4 years old and
commuted 150 miles per day for
3 years.  An excellent car
2008 Citroen C5 2.0 Diesel auto.
I ran this car for 8 months.  
Appalling build quality and a  
gutless engine.  Absolutely the
worst quality materials used on
the inside.
2008 Citroen ZX 1.9 non turbo Diesel Auto. I
was working at a University so I needed a
cheap car to withstand car park rash.  The
ZX was rude, crude and full of character.  
Great fun and proved to be an excellent
cheap car.  I was travelling 185 miles per
day so I thought a newer Citroen C5 TD
would be better.  Oh dear, we all make
2013 Mercedes ML270 diesel auto  I enjoyed
driving this car and so wanted to love it but the build
quality was poor, so many things went wrong in the
8 months I owned it.  e.g. Heater packed up, the ML
broke down 3 times on M6.  Put me right off modern
Mercs.  ML's are built in the USA and they are sh!te
compared with the Stuttgart built cars