Adrian's - Cars that I have owned  #4
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2002   Hilary's first  
Mitsubishi Pinin 1.8
petrol. Hilary used this for
work for 4 years and it ran
2002   I changed jobs and opted out
of having a company car.  I bought
this 3 year old Mercedes C200 Petrol
Auto with 51k on the clock.  What a
nice car, so well built and totally
reliable.  I added 100,000 trouble
free miles then my Dad took it over
2001   Honda Accord 2.0l VTi
Executive, cruise, full leather etc. I
changed jobs and this was the
company car I inherited.  Full spec
but it never handled well and the
engine had woeful mid range
I always felt the Accord was totally
overrated.  Couldn't hold a candle to
a 100,000 mile Merc.
2000 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0
Auto.  This was a high
spec car, my first
automatic and my first
car with ABS.  Drove well
with tall gearing for quiet
cruising.  When Gordon
Brown started screwing
tax out of motorists this
Vectra became so tax
inefficient.  I never
understood why Labour
wanted to put UK car
workers out of their jobs.
2000 Hilary's NX100
1.6 Auto.  My wife
needed an automatic
car, the NX was
ideal. It had
removable  T-Bar
roof and ran like only
a Nissan can.  We
fitted some nice
wheels and the car
looked so much
1998  Hilary's owned this Nissan
Sunny 1.6. It had no power
steering as a result it was very
physical to drive, even harder to
A totally forgettable car.
1996  Citroen Xantia 1.8.  I changed jobs and
needed a company car.  I had always wanted a
Citroen and the Xantia came with Air con and
remote locking which were both  rare in 1996.  
I drove 127,000 trouble free miles in 3 years.  I
had to get the front seat replaced and the
headlights were dreadful.  Otherwise a great
trouble free car.