Adrian's - Cars that I have owned  #6
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1986  The only picture I have of my  Mark 1 Golf 1.5 petrol.  I owned this car while I was
building my Pilgrim Bulldog Kit Car.  It was really disappointing, I was expecting such
great things from the Golf based on write ups but I found the Golf quite slow for a 1.5,  
the fuel economy was not that good and the  handling was nothing special.  When I
went to jack the car the jack pushed through the rear n/s floor into the carpet.  So the
Golf is also the worst rust bucket I have ever owned.  I just don't get how they became
the no 1 selling car.  My Chrysler Alpines were so much better in every respect.
1984 Citroen Dyane.  I had always wanted a Dyane and I bought my car cheaply from
a private dealer.  Great fun to drive, full of character, weird suspension and no power
but I loved it.
1983 Renault 14 1.4.  This was a run around for my wife.  Quite a nice car if you live in
the Fens with poor roads.  We took it to Cornwall and the clutch slipped on long hill
climbs. Other than that OK.
1982-1985 Chrysler Alpine GLS 1442cc.  A great car, this was my main transport for 3
years. What Car Magazine Car of the Year and definitely better than a Cortina or a
1981 Simca 1100.  This was my wife's car, it had a strange engine leaning backwards
with the rocker cover behind the speedo, this made it had to work on.  The Simca ran
well but is showed rust everywhere.
1980 Morris Marina 1.8 SDL.  I bought a mint Marina, absolutely as new with 17,000
on the clock.  I bought and sold it to make some cash.  The Marina was so hopelessly
old fashioned and out of date even in 1980.
1980 Fiat 126.  I bought and sold it to make some cash.  An interesting car with 2
main faults.  When it rained the sunroof leaked so the seats were always wet.  1 in 10
starts resulted in a huge plume of blue smoke.  I never found out why.
1980 Chrysler Alpine GLS 1442cc.  A great car, I bought this to sell on,.  This Alpine
was such a nice car but I could not afford to keep it.