Adrian's - Cars that I have owned  #7
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1972 I learned to drive in Dad's Triumph
Herald 12/50.  No synchromesh so I had to
double de clutch. (See the Mini van in the
background.  We drove it for years with red
oxide paint as the main colour).
1972 Valerie's Morris Mini
Minor Super Deluxe
1976  We replaced the
Mini with a Wolsey Hornet
(Mini with a boot)
1978  We replaced
Wolsey Hornet with a Riley
Elf. Same bodyshell with
walnut dash, wind up
windows.  This is the only
picture I have of the car.
1978  Triumph 1300 front
wheel drive.  A lovely car,
real quality feel to the
instruments and the
controls.  The inside front
wings went rusty very
1979 Fiat 127 900cc.  This car was
quicker than Mini Cooper's and Mini
1275's.  Lovely Fiat engine and rusting
bodywork.  Rust would just appear in
the middle of a body panel, never had
that before.
1979 Dad gave us his Mini Van.  Bought
from the Post Office in 1964 this
wonderful car remained in the family for
19 years.  Note fibreglass bonnet and
the whole car hand painted in blue
Hammerite.  The first engine lasted
80,000 miles and the second engine
and gearbox (costing  £15 from the local
paper) lasted a further 60,000 miles.