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Last updated  6 January 2019
April 2017 on - Suzuki SX4
S Cross 1.4 Booster jet SZ5
All Road.  Phew what a long
name!  Hilary's first new car.
Feb 2017 on - Jeep
Cherokee 2.8 CRD Auto my
day to day wheels.  It's  
rough, it's tough, it's full of
character. Great fun to own
and drive. (As long as you
are handy with a spanner or
Feb 2016 on - Mercedes 320
SLK, our fun car for summer
driving .  This is an amazing
car to drive, great with the roof
down and that lovely V6
shoving you along.  I much
prefer the look of the early
SLK's, a classic Merc built in
Stuttgart, Germany.
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2018 on Peugeot 3008
GTLine 1.5 Diesel, 8 Speed